Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Adorno and More

If you were living in the oldest living house in town you would understand how I feel right now. Theres no heating. No Joke. No heating. No radiators just fire-place in every single room. And I am just a visitor in this house so I dont want to burn whole house down. Anyway there is a list of things I need to do before I will die in this ice age:

1. Start my essay on T. Adorno. I hope you know who he is because if you dont, you are missing a lot in you life. So yah I have to write this essay about how cool his theory was on mass culture. That everything is just the same; music, movies, all the things you getting in the shop like clothes and pretty much everything. There are no authentic artists anymore and everything is just stamped repetitive commercial sameness. How boring are we? seriously.

2. I need to make pancakes. It was a big mistake. My friend just called me from work and I asked her if she would like any food when she is back from work. Ofcourse I didnt expect her to say yes. Basically Thats why I asked her. But now I have to make them. Maybe I can make them so that she wont ask me again ever. Sounds like a plan.

This all day today is just weird. Maybe I should go for a cigarette and sort my life out. Or maybe make a fire. I still have those 8 books on Adorno. Maybe I should start doing something.


Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The begining

You know when you start a blog for the first time in your life you would like to present yourself in the nicest possible way so that people would actualy be interested in what you are writing about. no reason why. like a commodity. why would someone be interested in this bullshit. but there are things in my life that I dont want anyone to know. not under my name. that they will look at me with this clement sight. or angry. or scared. yes scared. but now I can speak out and be heard. even if you think I am just another blgger in this million I feel I am the only one. and what you going to read is uniq. I mostly interested in society, world, politics and...Animals. yes! public discourse on animals. I will tell you more about this later. and many more things that is going on in my head and I hope I will find someone who will read and think- yes! That is what I think. if not, its ok. I can survive. At the end of the day its just another blog.